A glimpse inside our school

EduCongo’s sponsored school, The Discovery, is located in the rural area of Kisanga, outside the mining town of Lubumbashi in the southeastern province of Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo. Led by its founder, Dr. Pierre Radja, The Discovery School opened its doors in 2002 to the delight of the entire Kisanga community. The school first welcomed 198 students in 2002, today, that number has grown to 2024 from kindergarten all the way to high school! At EduCongo we believe education to be at the heart of human progress; this belief fuels our efforts to support the education of our students on the other side of the Atlantic!

Making a difference!

  • Growth in numbers and quality of education: EduCongo’s sponsored school, La Découverte, first opened its doors during the 2002-2003 academic year enrolling 198 boys and girls. In the next five years, funds were raised for the construction of more classrooms, the training and recruitment of new staff and enrollment skyrocketed. Today, our student population has grown to over 2,000!!!
  • Morning and Afternoon School: by administering two school sessions in one day, a morning session and one in the afternoon, we are able to provide access to more children without compromising or neglecting the quality of their education.
  • Parent literacy/involvement program: We’ve implemented monthly parent literacy/involvement trainings to ensure our students’ parents are active participants in their children’s academic success.
  • Leading the way in enrollment for girls: Only 56% of women in the Democratic Republic of Congo are literate compared to 82% for men. According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the disparity is also evident in primary school enrollment. Of all school age girls, only 51% are enrolled versus 66% of boys. We have made a conscious effort to increase enrollment of girls who today make up almost half of our student population.
  • Medical Center: November 2006 saw the completion of a community based medical facility adjacent to our sponsored school. The medical center provides access to health care for students, parents, and community members.
  • Lower school fee: In the Democratic Republic of Congo, school is neither compulsory nor free, and as a result, higher school fees have resulted in extremely low enrollment throughout the country. We require a very modest school fee, 1/3 of the average tuition at other schools, to help us sustain our efforts, keep our great team of teachers and staff, and maintain facilities. We also raise funds from donors like you to offer scholarships for those who can’t cover the fee.