Progress in the Congo

August 22nd, 2016


We’ve been busy…

Thanks to your continuous love and support, we at EduCongo have been able to carry out our mission to enhance the quality of lives for underprivileged children of the Democratic Republic of Congo through quality education. This much needed work is vital especially when you consider the enormous challenges facing the Congo.dfg

Here are a few highlights, partnerships and initiatives:

Girl Power!


62 of our best girl-students at The Discovery School (Democratic Republic of Congo) said ‘Asante’ to the Portland Pearl Rotary for the honor, recognition and support for their academic success. Tuition, school supplies and school uniforms for the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 academic years are covered for these student leaders through a Rotary grant. These amazing girls and young women recipients were selected based on their academic performance, leadership skills and service!

To educate a woman is to educate a nation
-African proverb.


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Tablets for Congo!

EduCongo has teamed up with Curious Learning (Global Literacy Project) to send tablets to our students in Congo. We are thrilled to partner with Curious Learning and leverage their exciting, new, evidence-based approach to education in helping children teach themselves to read!




From Enrollment to Employment: 

Creating the next wave of entrepreneurs in Congo! 299b7617-009f-45ee-8f8e-0b0f6ab465aa

30 aspiring entrepreneurs (15 girls and 15 boys)
at our sponsored school in the Congo are embarking on a year-long business/ entrepreneur program culminating with ‘seed funding’ small grants to help them start their own business! EduCongo has teamed up with Congo Leadership Initiative to bring their first class entrepreneurship program to our school!


Hands across the Atlantic:

Ongoing sister school connection

EduCongo continues to connect global citizens on both sides of the Atlantic through projects like the sister school relationship between our sponsored school in Congo, The Discovery and Lincoln High School in Portland, Oregon.


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