Rewarding Excellence – Girl Power! Thank you, Rotary!


“Asante” is the Swahili word I must have heard a thousand times from students, teachers and parents as they expressed their heartfelt gratitude. 39 of our best girl-students at The Discovery School (Democratic Republic of Congo) said ‘Asante’ to the Portland Pearl Rotary for the honor, recognition and support for their academic success. As they stood proud before their peers during the school assembly in their honor, wearing Rotary t-shirts, singing the Congolese national anthem, have their names called…it was evident just how much this meant to them and their families. And for me, as a proud member of the Portland Pearl Rotary Club, it was yet another opportunity to see firsthand, how Rotary truly changes lives for the better. Tuition, school supplies and school uniforms for the 2014-2015 academic year are covered for these student leaders through this $6,000 grant. These amazing girls and young women recipients were selected based on their academic performance, leadership skills and service! “To educate a woman is to educate a nation” African proverb. These students rock! And they represent the future of our beloved Congo! Look out!