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EduCongo is governed by a team of global citizens with a track record of service to humanity and all committed to carry out the organization’s mission.

Dr. Pierre S. Radja
Esteemed Founder of the Discovery School

Dr. Pierre S. Radja, a native son of the Democratic Republic of Congo was privileged to leave his country at an early age to pursue an education in the United States.   Dr. Radja is currently a professor Emeritus at the University of Lubumbashi, after being a professor for over 3 decades (1978 – present) at all 3 major universities in the Congo.  He recently received an Honorarium Doctorate from Davis & Elkins College in Virginia.   His career as a professor has also taken him all over the African continent and at Southern Oregon States University, OR as a visitor professor.

In the course of his professional career, he has also held various academic positions such as department chair, dean of faculty, academic chair, and administration vice-president of the University of Lubumbashi.

No one understands better the need to provide access to education than Dr. Radja.  Having been the recipient of the generosity of others which enabled him to attain the highest education level possible, Dr. Radja decided forsake the “white picket fence dream” and give back to his country.   In 1989, he founded a junior teachers college in Maniema, Eastern Congo.  The college specialized in the training of elementary and high school teachers.  The college, being the only higher learning institution in the state of Maniema, attracted more than 500 students in its 3 years existence.  Civil war in the region, unfortunately, forced the college to be closed.

He went on to open in 1999 – 2000, an education center for orphans and underprivileged children in the city of Lubumbashi.  The center opened with 180 students.  Seeing the growing need for affordable access to education, Dr. Radja enlisted the assistance of generous donors and turned the center into The Foundation Dr. Pierre S. Radja in 2002.

The foundation now includes:

  • A pre-school, elementary and secondary school called “La Découverte” (translated The Discovery), with more than 2,000 students currently enrolled;
  • A medical center, with about 23 hospital beds, providing first aid assistance, pre-natal classes, and emergency care for underprivileged population;
  • An alphabetization center to increase the literacy level in the community, especially for  the women.

Despite the great progress and accomplishments of La Découverte, there is still so much to accomplish to take the school into the next century.  Nelson Mandela’s quote: “After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb” which best describes Dr. Radja’s attitude towards the work that still needs to be done.

He describes himself as a simple man doing simple things motivated by compassion and purpose and he is living proof that a good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.

Convinced that as we EACH contribute to simple causes, we can TOGETHER impact lives beyond our own and that our immediate families.


greenshot_2013-08-26_12-37-30Yenga Radja

Co-Founder of EduCongo

Yenga’s passion for a better Congo, a better World, predates the creation of EduCongo by a long shot. Growing up in the Democratic Republic of Congo, then Zaire, Yenga witnessed firsthand the everyday hardships faced by millions of the country women and men. While still in high school, he founded a social club for boys and girls in Lubumbashi, DRC, to raise youth’s consciousness in educational and cultural activities. Yenga’s leadership abilities earned him a spot on the governing Board of the Junior Teachers Training Institute in Maniema, DRC.

After moving back to the United States in 1993, Yenga’s passion and leadership was again on display while attending Kent State University in Ohio where he served as President of the Kent African Student Association. Since moving back to America, Yenga makes regular trips back to the Congo to help set up programs at EduCongo’s sponsored school.

Yenga is a George Fox University alumnus, currently residing with his family in Greenville, South Carolina. Mr. Radja’s experience, compassion and leadership are instrumental in helping EduCongo change the lives for thousands of children in the Congo.


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