The Organization

EduCongo is a non-profit organization committed to enriching the lives of underprivileged children by providing them with quality and functional education to help them become successful contributors to the development of their community.

EduCongo was started by two brothers and global citizens Lou and Yenga Radja. Growing up in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Lou and Yenga have seen first hand the overwhelming thirst and hunger for learning that lives in millions of underprivileged Congolese children. Now living in the United States, the two brothers started EduCongo to inspire the global community to get involved in supporting the efforts to restore hope all over the world through education.

Our Mission

EduCongo’s mission is to enhance and improve the quality of lives of underprivileged children of the Democratic Republic of Congo by providing funding and support for their schooling and education.

Our Philosophy

The efforts undertaken by EduCongo are deeply rooted in the belief that Education is at the heart of human progress. In order for Mother Congo to move from hopelessness, poverty, dependency, illness…to prosperity, peace, and real sustainable development, all her children must have access to quality education.